About LILA

Lila, pronounced LEE-lah, is a Sanskrit word from Hinduism meaning 'Divine play'. This is the idea that world was created by the Divine from an act of bliss, not out of a necessity; the Divine would have been perfectly fine with or without the creation of the world. In my translation, the existence or lack of certain experiences should not play a role in one's state of feeling content and fulfilled. Detaching from 'needing' allows you to experience life through more joy and bliss.

Hi, I'm Swarna, and my idea for LILA started because I love creating and wearing unique pieces of jewelry that reflect my individuality, and I wanted to share my designs with others. Every piece is handmade by me!

Being a South Asian woman, I’ve been wearing gold jewelry since I was born. My love for jewelry has only grown, and you’ll never catch me outside without my gold bangles or anklet on. I love how even the simplest pieces can elevate a look, and I aspire for my jewelry to do the same.

I'm excited to be able to share my designs, and I hope you enjoy wearing it!